Stories from Liberia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Liberia.

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carol with colleague

Peace Corps means flexibility….

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Anna Haba

On a warm day in March 1988, a warm breeze was murmuring among trees and noisily sweeping dried leaves coming down the hill.

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abi dad

In an interview with Tim Wulah, father of Liberia Volunteer, Abigail, he shares highlights from his visit to Liberia, and how it impacted his life. 

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Participants after a SFS workshop

As part of Peace Corps/Liberia's continued support of the education sector, 8 regional Student-Friendly School’s (SFS) workshops addressing school-related gender-based violence were held across the country from January to May, 2017. 

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Throughout orientation, I continually wondered where I would be assigned?

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Malaria Carnival Joni

“I will never go to graduate school… I am done with school and won’t need it…” 

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When I moved to my site,  I was expecting my students to have very little background knowledge in biology.

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Student Help to Weight Bridge

“My goal in the classroom is to erase the mindset that math is hard,” shared Peace Corps Response Volunteer Lakshmi.

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Morocco White House

A shock, a dream, a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone, let alone for 44 girls from Morocco and Liberia. 

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