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Correspondence Match is now Global Connections! Educators and Peace Corps Volunteers can now connect directly to bring global perspectives to any learning environment.

Bring your story home

Whether you are in the field or traveling back to the U.S. on leave, bring your story home with the Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools Global Connections program and Third Goal on Annual Leave

Third Goal on Annual Leave (3GOAL) incentive program allows you to earn back up to three annual leave days (vacation days) per service if you return to the U.S. during your service and engage in a Third Goal Activity that teaches Americans about your host country; such as, giving an interactive presentation, hosting a table at a high school career fair, or giving a talk at a local community organization.

In order to be eligible for the 3GOAL incentive program, you must take these three steps for each Third Goal Activity:

  1. Make your request to your Country Director for approval, indicating date, time, place, and estimated number of attendees (minimum two weeks prior to your trip home).
  2. Tell us about it so we can count each activity. 
  3. Inform your regional recruitment office about each activity.

Volunteers may earn a maximum of three 3GOAL credits during their Peace Corps service if they complete these three steps for each Third Goal Activity.