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Third Goal on Annual Leave

The Third Goal on Annual Leave (3GOAL) incentive program allows you to earn up to three additional annual leave days (vacation days) per service if you engage in an activity that helps meet the Peace Corps’ Third Goal of helping promote a better understanding of the communities and cultures where you serve.

Examples include:

  • Giving an interactive presentation to a school
  • Hosting a table at a high school career fair
  • Giving a talk at a local community organization

Typically, 3GOAL activities are completed while taking annual leave in the United States.

How can I participate in the 3GOAL incentive program?

  1. Obtain approval from your country director for a 3GOAL credit at least 2 weeks before beginning annual leave. In the request for country director approval, you must include the date, time, place, and estimated number of attendees at each Third Goal activity to be conducted during annual leave, along with the number of 3GOAL credit days requested.
  2. Email the Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services at [email protected] with the date, time, place, and estimated number of attendees.
  3. Inform the regional recruiting office of the date, time, place, and estimated number of attendees, by contacting a regional recruiter who covers the territory where the Third Goal activity will be conducted. .
  4. Upon return from leave, document the activity in the Volunteer Reporting and Grants (VRG) tool as a Third Goal activity.

How is 3GOAL credit calculated?

One annual leave day may be earned for each day during which one or more Third Goal activities are conducted. Volunteers may only earn a maximum of three days of leave credits for Third Goal activities during their Peace Corps service.


If a Volunteer conducts two Third Goal activities in one day, they may receive 3GOAL credit for one annual leave day. If a Volunteer conducts three Third Goal activities on each of three separate days, the Volunteer may receive 3GOAL credit for three annual leave days (the maximum per service).

For further information on 3GOAL, please contact the Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services at [email protected].