Peace Corps Volunteers help build clinics in villages, put books in schools, and improve access to nutritious food. Give today and help support projects like these.
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  • Community Growth Education Women & Gender Youth
  • This Youth Development Program consists of a) the renovation of the current school's resource center which will serve to aid the education gap and promote healthy activities, and b) buidling a maternity shelter to help mitigate maternal mortality rates in this region. Early childhood marriage/pregnancies are deep-rooted problems ...
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  • Water & Sanitation
  • Community-led total sanitation will provide access to hygienic latrines and reliable source of potable water, beneficiaries of which, according to a village-wide census, include 1,300 men, women, and children. The residents will be mobilized to construct child-friendly latrines as a buy-in strategy to eliminate the health hazards of rampant ...
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  • Technology Youth
  • Buy 11 projectors and 10 computers to modernize the methods of teaching done at the Preparatory School (KPS). KPS already has a computer lab, electricity in all the classrooms, and wifi in many of the buildings. With the grant and a cash community contribution the wifi will be expanded to ...
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  • Health
  • Donations to the Health and HIV/AIDS Fund will help combat global health issues such as poor nutrition, the spread of infectious diseases, and the devastating social and economic impact of HIV/AIDS. In order to help alleviate these problems, Volunteers and their host communities are planning and implementing projects ...
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  • Community Growth
  • Contributions to the Municipal Development Fund will support overarching capacity building across all sectors, such as health, education, and waste management. Projects range from improving public spaces and buildings, like classrooms, clinics, and parks to promoting civic education and participation in municipal decisions. Municipal projects area foundation on which communities ...
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    The Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) connects Volunteers and their communities with the private sector in the U.S. and around the world in order to fund community initiated and led projects...
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    Yes. All donations to the Peace Corps are gifts to the United States for exclusively public purposes within the meaning of section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code and are deductible as charitable contributions...
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    Every penny! Your entire donation to the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) will be directed to a Volunteer project. No part of your donation will be used to cover staff or overhead costs...
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