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The application process begins by selecting a service model and finding an open position.

Peace Corps Volunteer
2 years, 3 months
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Peace Corps Response
Up to 12 months
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Virtual Service Pilot
3-6 months
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Let us help you find the right position.

If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

Serve where you’re needed most
Peace Corps Response Volunteer

Peace Corps Response

Are you a skilled professional who’s ready to hit the ground running? Discover short-term, high impact service opportunities and use your talents to make a positive impact for generations to come.

Your talents can change lives

Since 1996, Volunteers with specialized skills have been partnering with communities around the world to help support meaningful change.

The basics

Through Peace Corps Response Volunteer opportunities, experienced professionals can serve overseas on assignments that last 6-12 months while receiving a living allowance and other support.

  • For U.S. citizens who have a college degree and at least 2 years of professional experience
  • Service assignments last 6-12 months
  • Receive a living allowance and other benefits while you serve
  • Choose from opportunities in six sectors in more than 30 countries
  • Be culturally competent and ready to collaborate


Who can serve as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer?

You must be a U.S. citizen and generally, positions require a 4-year undergraduate degree and at least 2 to 5 years of professional experience.

Many positions require advanced degrees or certifications, more than 5 years of relevant professional experience, and prior experience in mid- or senior-level positions. You can always connect with a Peace Corps recruiter for help finding the best fit.

Benefits and training

Are there benefits for Peace Corps Response Volunteers?

Absolutely! As a Peace Corps Response Volunteer, housing costs are covered and you will receive a monthly living allowance that covers food and other costs. You will also earn vacation time, and the Peace Corps covers necessary medical and dental care, and provides student loan assistance, and more.

How much do Peace Corps Response Volunteers get paid?

You’ll receive a monthly living allowance that covers food, household supplies, communication costs, clothing, local transportation, and minor discretionary spending. The amount will vary based on your location—it will be enough for you to live a modest yet comfortable lifestyle within your new community.

What kind of training do Peace Corps Response Volunteers get?

Peace Corps Response Volunteers arrive in country with the necessary skills to hit the ground running. They will receive 1-2 weeks of orientation at the start of service to introduce them to their host country and provide information on health, safety, culture, and the partner organization they’re serving with.


How do I sign up?

You can browse Peace Corps Response Volunteer openings and apply directly to a position that interests you or connect with a Peace Corps recruiter to find the best fit for your skills and interests.

How long does the application process take?

The online application takes about an hour to fill out. Being thorough and detailed when you complete your application helps us review it as quickly as possible.

I am stuck between two positions—can I apply to both?

Yes! You can apply for up to two Peace Corps Response positions at any one time.

Day-to-day life

What is housing like?

Once you’re assigned to a site in your host country, we will find you a place to live. You may be alone in a house, in a city apartment with a host family, or even in a yurt! We carefully vet the location to make sure it meets safety standards and provides for your basic needs.

Can couples serve together?

Yes, but separate openings must exist in the same country for each person. You must apply separately to the two respective openings.

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Get in touch with our team.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 202.692.2250.

Are you a medical professional?

Discover Advancing Health Professionals Volunteer openings where you can share your knowledge to improve health care systems around the world.

  • What kind of training will I receive as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer?

    You will receive a short orientation upon arrival to your country of service. Technical and language training is minimal; it …

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  • As a Peace Corps Response Volunteer, will I receive a readjustment allowance at the end of service?

    Peace Corps Response Volunteers accrue a readjustment allowance of $500 for each month of service completed.

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  • I don't see any Peace Corps Response openings that match my skills. What should I do?

    If you don't see an opening now that matches your skills, you should continue to monitor open positions, as new …

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