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The application process begins by selecting a service model and finding an open position.

Peace Corps Volunteer
2 years, 3 months
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Peace Corps Response
Up to 12 months
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Virtual Service Pilot
3-6 months
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Let us help you find the right position.

If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

Serve where you’re needed most
Virtual Service Pilot

Virtual Service Pilot

Engage virtually with partner organizations in countries around the world, offering your skills to support projects that will transform lives for generations.

Virtual service opportunities

Virtual Service Pilot Participants spend 5-15 hours a week collaborating online with counterparts in a different country.

The basics

Over the course of a few months, Participants make meaningful change on a global scale.

  • Projects last 3-6 months and require 5-15 hours each week
  • Participants must have computer and internet access
  • Choose from engagements in six sectors and more than 50 countries
  • Serve while maintaining work, school, and family commitments
  • Be flexible and ready to collaborate


Who can donate voluntary services and engage in the Virtual Service Pilot?

Virtual Service engagements are open to U.S. citizens who wish to donate their voluntary services. If you believe that human connection can help power change, even over a distance, virtual service could be for you.

Support and orientation

What kind of support is provided to Participants who serve virtually?

Participants can request a one-time payment of $250 to help offset the start-up costs associated with virtual engagement.

What training do you provide for Virtual Service Pilot Participants?

Virtual Service Pilot Participants complete an online orientation that covers the Peace Corps approach to development, intercultural communication, technology, and effective virtual collaboration.

During your first week of engagement, you’ll have a virtual introduction with Peace Corps staff posted in the host country to learn about project objectives, meet your host country partner, and plan your collaborative approach.

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Get in touch with our team.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 202.692.2250.

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  • What activities do VSPPs engage in?

    VSPPs engage in activities in all six programmatic sectors: agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health, and youth in development. …

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  • Are VSPPs provided with an allowance?

    Participants receive a one-time amount of $250 to defray start-up costs directly associated with their first virtual engagement.

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  • Are there hardware or software requirements for VSPPs?

    VSPPs are responsible for access to and availability of a computer, internet, and/or telephone in order to enable direct virtual …

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