Stories from Uganda

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Uganda.

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Jumping out of my comfort zone

I had little idea what I’d be getting into when I signed up to be a Peace Corps Response Volunteer.

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Elyse crossing the equator for the first time during her service with Peace Corps Uganda.

“You're still going.”

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Students work on computers in the newly renovated library.

Libraries make information more accessible and provide places for people of all ages to read, study and learn about the larger world. They’re also valuable as community meeting spaces and technology hubs.

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Preparing orange fleshed sweet potato

My favorite success during my Peace Corps service so far comes from my sweet potato value addition project.

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Volunteer Anna hands out bed nets to a line of Malawians.

I spent the majority of my two-year Peace Corps service in Uganda fighting the spread of malaria. After finishing my service, I knew I had started a mission that I wasn’t done with yet.

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Coffee beans.jpg

The Mt. Elgon region is home to the world famous Arabica coffee of Uganda. The region comprises seven (7) coffee-growing districts which include Kapchorwa, Bulambuli, Sironko, Mbale, Manafwa, Bududa and Namisindwa. 

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Tiffany Tai - Do Peace Corps Volunteers truly have an impact?

My answer is a resounding, “Absolutely.”

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Pupils communicate messages about Malaria using drama.

After attending the Malaria Bootcamp in Tororo District run by Peace Corps Health Volunteers, my whole understanding of our role as Peace Corps Volunteers changed. I left the camp motivated to incorporate malaria related activities at my school and got to work in early April. 

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PCT having a great time with host mom.JPG

As part of the Pre-Service Training, Peace Corps Trainees spend 5 (five) weeks with host families across the country.

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