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Stories from Peru

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Peru.

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Madeline and Clint Kellner discovered during their in-person volunteer service in Guatemala a benefit of going as a couple – your partner serves as an additional support system. After returning to the United States, the two decided to serve again but, due to COVID-19, Madeline and Clint were forced to leave Peru after only 10 weeks.

The couple credits the supportive Peace Corps post staff as one of the reasons they remained committed to serving South American counterparts through virtual service.

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In being able to pivot and work remotely, together, my colleagues, counterparts, the participants in our training showcased how that collaboration might work.

Agriculture Volunteer Maria and her community host, Madame Obama

The Peace Corps is full of inspiring people taking action to support others. Here are some of the first people you will meet on your application journey.

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Audra Bass, who was among the the thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers evacuated in March 2020, returned to the U.S. determined to help her community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On May 19, Peace Corps held this year’s second installment of the Thought Leaders Forum, featuring three returned Peace Corps Volunteers who are leaders in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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The most important thing I learned during my service was how to redefine success. In the beginning, I felt I needed to achieve the objectives of my program quickly and work on big projects to be successful. However, I learned that success doesn’t come very quickly, so I found joy in smaller things, like seeing a family boiling their water consistently or having a good conversation.

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In 2016, my husband Clint and I left our jobs and our home of almost 25 years behind in California to serve for the first time as Peace Corps Volunteers in Guatemala.

A Peruvian man and a white woman stand together by a table and smile

In Peru, food is love. Cooking, a large part of the culture, is a favorite pastime in many families and is a way to show respect and camaraderie.

Woman in blue shirt surrounded by school children from Panama

Peace Corps Response sends Volunteers on highly specialized assignments for 12 months or less. If you have a background in teaching English as a foreign language, special education, or developing training materials, these might be the positions for you!

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Each and every day is a chance to protect and better our planet. Whether they’re an educator, agriculturalist, or environmentalist, Peace Corps Volunteers strive to make a positive environmental impact in their countries of service.


It was the Spring of 2013 and I had just accepted the offer to serve as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Philadelphia.

11 interesting volunteer opportunities for 12 months or less

Peace Corps Response offers volunteer opportunities for experienced professionals to serve in communities around the world. 

Selena Montelongo

Growing up, I always said I wanted to help people. 

One fo the artisanal fishing boats on the shores of Cabo Blanco, overlooking the rest of the fleet.

As I leave my hut in the morning, I see the white sails of fishermen dancing along the horizon; in the afternoon, whales breach less than a mile from shore; and, in the light of the setting sun, I watch seabirds feeding before roosting for the night.

Friends and neighbors roasting their marshmallows.

The Peace Corps has 3 goals:

VIDEO: Hospitality in Peru

Volunteer Brandon Williams shows us that hospitality in Peru starts at the table.