Projects in Peru

Community Economic Development

Volunteers help artisan groups, agricultural associations, and other small businesses improve their incomes through better marketing, accounting, and management practices. Volunteers also teach youth entrepreneurship classes and facilitate the development of community banks to expand credit in rural areas.


Volunteers work in rural communities with government authorities, schools, and community groups on environmental education, recycling, tree-planting and reforestation, solid waste management, and conservation of sensitive ecosystems and protected areas.


Community Health: Volunteers work with health posts, NGOs, schools, teen and adult health promoters, parents, and community members, with a focus on health education and disease prevention. Activities relate to improvements in hygiene, nutrition, cooking stoves, latrines, maternal and infant care, parenting, and education to prevent teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

Water and Sanitation: Water Volunteers work on water and sanitation projects to assist rural communities in the construction and maintenance of water systems and latrines, solid waste disposal, and the practices of hygiene and sanitation.

Youth in Development

Volunteers work with schools and health posts in activities to develop self-esteem, creativity, educational success, career planning, vocational skills, healthy lifestyles, leadership skills, and good citizenship. Some Volunteers also work with children with special needs or disabilities.