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Peace Corps history in Peru.

The Peace Corps initiated its program in Peru in 1962, where over 2,600 Volunteers contributed to various sectors. Operations ceased in 1975 due to political and economic instability. In 2001, Peruvian Government invited the Peace Corps back, citing its role in his personal development. After assessments in 2001-2002, a country agreement was signed in March 2002. Operations resumed in August 2002, with over 1400 Volunteers serving in Peru since then.

Peru Corps Peru’s Vision.

"We are an organization committed to diversity, inclusion, excellence in volunteer service, and sustainable development. We align with national priorities as well as the needs and resources of the communities we serve."

Peace Corps Peru’s Values.

We adapt to respond to the constant changes in the environment and to fulfill our mission.

We count on each team member, assume good intentions, and depend on each other.

We strive to understand and put ourselves in the place of others, recognizing their needs, feelings, and perspectives, fostering collaborative work to fulfill our vision and mission.

Equity & Inclusion:
We celebrate equity and inclusion by treating every human being with dignity and respect, not despite their diversity, but because of it. Everyone has something valuable to contribute.

The Peace Corps mission inspires us to serve with responsibility and dedication to our colleagues, our volunteers, our partners, and the communities where we work.

Annual Reports.