Tides of Change: Empowering Youth for Environmental Action

By Amy Knox (PCV in La Libertad)
Feb. 22, 2024

“Enseñar a cuidar el Medio Ambiente es enseñar a valorar la VIDA” - to teach to take care of the environment is to teach to value LIFE.

Through collaboration with local authorities, a committed student-led environmental group, non-profit organizations, and enthusiastic community members, the Beach Clean-up Campaign was a fun, gratifying, and successful event.

recogiendo basura

Sitting along Peru's coastline, my town thrives on the symbiotic relationship with the sea. For generations, fishing has been the lifeblood sustaining the community. In recent years, the surfing scene and tourism influx have reshaped the town. This surge in visitors has brought with it an unfortunate side effect: an increase of trash on the beach. This environmental hazard not only threatens marine life, but also undermines the well-being of the entire community.

basura acumulada

The Beach Clean-up Campaign invited youth from all across the town, as well as beach coming tourists, to unite in a unified mission. Amidst traditional beach games and refreshing treats, participants engaged in a trash collection competition, working together towards a pristine shoreline. Following this, the entire team joined forces for a beach-wide cleanup effort.

competencia de team

Educating our younger generations about environmental stewardship has never been more urgent. Witnessing the enthusiasm and insight of the children involved reaffirms this belief. As I worked alongside two young boys during the cleanup, their remarks—"Why don't people pick up their trash? It's so simple!" and "This is actually fun!"—underscored the innate understanding and joy children possess in safeguarding our planet.


I feel grateful to reside in a community passionately committed to environmental preservation, and I am inspired by the increasing leadership and accountability exhibited by the youth. I have no doubt these environmentalists will catalyze positive change on a global scale.