Peace Corps in Indonesia

There are more than 120 Volunteers in Indonesia working with their communities on English education projects. During their service in Indonesia, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Bahasa Indonesian, Javanese, Sudanese, and Madurese. More than 385 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Indonesia since the program was established in 1963. 

Current: 120
To Date: 385
Program Dates
1963-1965, 2010-present
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English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

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As a volunteer and a foreigner who looks different from everyone else, I was often put on the spot or led into awkward situations and encounters with people. From having so many of these experiences, I learned how to cope with and make the best out of these situations. Being in Peace Corps taught me how to become more sensitive and cognizant of others around me, to think from their perspectives, and that I can easily make an awkward situation more enjoyable by having a good attitude going into it.

Elle Chang, Indonesia Volunteer (2011-13)

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Contributions to the Indonesia Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Indonesia.

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