Peace Corps in Senegal

There are more than 295 Volunteers in Senegal working with their communities on projects in agriculture, the environment, community economic development, and health. During their service in Senegal, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Bambara, Fulakunda, Jaxanke, Mandinka, Pulaar du Nord, Pulafuta, Seereer, and Wolof. More than 3,835 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Senegal since the program was established in 1962.   

Current: 295
To Date: 3835
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There are currently no Peace Corps Volunteer openings in Senegal.

Recently, a renowned international human rights advocate from Senegal told me that his life’s trajectory was set in the mid-1960s by a Peace Corps Volunteer English teacher. How an individual Volunteer changes lives may never be known – or may only be revealed decades later – but change lives, we do.

Cheryl Gregory Faye, Country Director
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Contributions to the Senegal Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Senegal.

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