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The Virtual Service Pilot connects qualified U.S. citizens with host country counterparts to meet partner requests in new ways – from supplementing on-the-ground Volunteer efforts to reaching regions where Volunteers cannot go. Participants collaborate virtually with counterparts to complete project tasks, donating 5-15 hours per week for 3-6 months. Peace Corps Senegal invites RPCVs from Senegal or other countries to work with local organizations on specific interventions such as a management training, M&E systems, or financial systems.

Senegal also hosts Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRVs) on assignments of 6-months to a year. Peace Corps Peace Corps Response sends experienced professionals to undertake short-term, high-impact service assignments in communities around the world. Peace Corps Response Volunteers are expected to possess the technical skills needed to fulfill their assigned role with minimal training.

Alternative service models allow Peace Corps Senegal to engage Americans of diverse backgrounds and abilities who bring rich cultural and work experience to the table. Working French and/or local language skills are required for Response and Virtual Service postings in Senegal.