Peace Corps in Eswatini

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Volunteers in Eswatini work with their communities on projects in youth development and health. During their service in Eswatini, Volunteers learn to speak SiSwati. 

All-time: 1,859
Program Dates
1969-1996, 2003-present
Official Language
siSwati, English

Volunteer Openings in Eswatini

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There are currently no Peace Corps Volunteer openings in Eswatini.

We choose to serve not because we want to just help; We choose to serve to show, no matter our privilege, the lives we are serving are just as vital to this world as our own.

Vibushan Sivakumaran, Eswatini Volunteer

Support Projects in Eswatini

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Contributions to the Eswatini Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Eswatini.

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