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Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Moldova.

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Grete is holding sign "learning experience"

How did a 72 year-old grandmother find herself back in the Peace Corps and serving in the Republic of Moldova for the second time?

Christa Gibson, who has a penchant for intercultural collaboration, shares why she plans on participating in Virtual Service for the foreseeable future.

Four Volunteers walk together towards a mountain on their vacation in Malawi

Peace Corps’ Virtual Service provides a unique opportunity for U.S. citizens to donate their services and collaborate online with counterparts abroad on short-term projects. Early pilot participants were also returned Peace Corps Volunteers and for many, engaging online with dedicated counterparts inspired them to serve once more in person.

Group photo capturing around 80 people, at the end of the tree planting activity.

Dream big, they say. And I did, oh my what a great feeling.

Dewey in a Thai classroom

We are celebrating Pride Month by sharing the voices, experiences, and insights of members of the Peace Corps’ LGBTQI+ community.

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This story is as much about Virginia (Kollin) Shovlin (Nigeria 1962-1964) as it is about her son, Paul (Moldova 1996-1998) and daughter, Suzanne (Ukraine 2007-2009).

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Addressing community needs by building on community strengths leads to long last results – even years later!

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On June 24, Peace Corps held a ceremony to honor the 2021 recipient of the Peace Corps’ Lillian Carter Award and countless distinguished Peace Corps Volunteers.

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Peace Corps gave me a way to embrace a new purpose after I retired in 2010.

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Growing up in Colorado, I often found myself outside on crisp clear winter nights, watching the stars drift by and remembering a time when explorers used the patterns written in the stars to navigate home after a long journey.

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In July 2020, I had the honor to deliver a training within the virtual Youth Empowerment Summer (YES) Program organized for over 50 amazing children from all over the country by Peace Corps Moldova and USAID Moldova.

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This is a part of a series of Q&As with returned Peace Corps Volunteers who identify as first-generation college students and/or new Americans. Learn how they navigated the challenges of the decision-making process and service abroad!

Older American man celebrates birthday with Moldovan grandmother and wife

If I’d celebrated my 65th birthday like many Americans, I might have gone to a fancy restaurant with friends and family.

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I have made it through my first holiday season in Moldova!

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Before arriving in Moldova, I had a romanticized idea of what it meant to be a Peace Corps Volunteer.