Stories from Moldova

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Moldova.

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Lori and Stela

Lori Chibnik was stunned a couple of years ago when she saw this photo on the Peace Corps Moldova Facebook page.

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Students work on computers in the newly renovated library.

Libraries make information more accessible and provide places for people of all ages to read, study and learn about the larger world. They’re also valuable as community meeting spaces and technology hubs.

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When I began serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer at age 58, the previous volunteer at my site left me a wonderful piece of advice in my information packet:  “Fail big during your service. The people are worth it.” 

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Baptism in Moldova

Before coming to Moldova, my only exposure to “godparenthood” was a cartoon series called Fairly Odd Parents...

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Choir in Moldova

I love to sing but always did it alone — in the shower, on long car rides alone or whenever my roommates weren’t home.

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Raising Awareness of Disability

Student Ilie was itching for a challenge during a recent training program to raise awareness about the problems facing people with disabilities. His task was to cross a cluttered room to retrieve an empty bottle – blindfolded.

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Kite fest Moldova

Kite festivals are popular in some countries but not in Moldova — well, except in the small village where I’m serving as a volunteer.

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Thanksgiving in Moldova

My first Thanksgiving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova was the best I ever celebrated. 

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Art of teaching

Good afternoon students. My name is Mr. Amir and I will be teaching health education.

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Animals of Moldova

I live in Moldova with two cows, one pig, three dogs, two cats and unknown quantities of rabbits, chickens, geese and turkeys.

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