Stories from Vanuatu

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Vanuatu.

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Toilet construction phase

Peace Corps Volunteer Claire L has been in her community for just over a year. Since her arrival at site she has never stopped working.

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New building for the computer lab

Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Coleman has been working with the communities of West Vanua Lava to build a new computer lab for Sanlang School in Vureas Bay.

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Pango Gree Force trash removal truck

Last year, Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Adam in Siviri, North Efate worked with Pango Green Force (PGF), a non-profit trash removal company, to start waste removal for his community. After many awarenesses and months of work Siviri was able to kick of their trash collection!

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Each and every day is a chance to protect and better our planet. Whether they’re an educator, agriculturalist, or environmentalist, Peace Corps Volunteers strive to make a positive environmental impact in their countries of service.

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Solar panels and water pump

Vanuatu has a predominantly rural population spread throughout many islands, and as a result, water and sanitation are limited in many of these areas.

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This month we are spotlighting Group 29’s Literacy Guru, Eve.  Eve is a literacy co-teacher at Sarakata Primary and Centre School in Luganville, Santo.
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Port Narvin Primary School

The island of Erromango is blessed to have an awesome Peace Corps Volunteer like Frances who has worked so hard on her Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) project along with project chairperson Sarah Nabil.

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Mural on Lamap Maternity ward

Susan is a health volunteer serving at Lamap Health center on South Malekula. Susan has been at the health center for almost one and half years.

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Desalination plant

One of the biggest celebrations that ever took place on Uripiv island was during the launching of a Desalination Water project on September 14, 2018.

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