Stories from Vanuatu

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Vanuatu.

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Enter The completed mural spans the entire southern boundary of the school. alt text

Late in 2018, Jerry, our school’s handyman, completed a concrete wall on the southern part of the school campus, complete with an iron gate with lights.

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Nhia and her exercise group

As health volunteers in Vanuatu, it’s not always easy to determine what our role in the communities we serve are but let me show you a picture of the state of health in the Pacific and particularly, Vanuatu.

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Community building seat risers for the toilets

The community of Vitimboso, Vanua Lava, Torba has 142 households with a population of 678 with is the largest village in Torba.

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Toilet construction phase

Peace Corps Volunteer Claire L has been in her community for just over a year. Since her arrival at site she has never stopped working.

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New building for the computer lab

Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Coleman has been working with the communities of West Vanua Lava to build a new computer lab for Sanlang School in Vureas Bay.

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Pango Gree Force trash removal truck

Last year, Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Adam in Siviri, North Efate worked with Pango Green Force (PGF), a non-profit trash removal company, to start waste removal for his community. After many awarenesses and months of work Siviri was able to kick of their trash collection!

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Enter alt text

Each and every day is a chance to protect and better our planet. Whether they’re an educator, agriculturalist, or environmentalist, Peace Corps Volunteers strive to make a positive environmental impact in their countries of service.

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Solar panels and water pump

Vanuatu has a predominantly rural population spread throughout many islands, and as a result, water and sanitation are limited in many of these areas.

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This month we are spotlighting Group 29’s Literacy Guru, Eve.  Eve is a literacy co-teacher at Sarakata Primary and Centre School in Luganville, Santo. Read More