Projects in Vanuatu


Peace Corps Volunteers in the Vanuatu Information Technology and English Literacy (VITEL) project help improve the quality of education and promote the strengthening of schools by providing formal in-service training to teachers and helping to increase the institutional capacity of schools through the transfer of skills. Volunteers working as primary education teacher trainers and literacy trainers help the Ministry of Education improve the quality of basic education by promoting the enhancement of teaching skills and methodologies, which results in higher literacy levels and effective learning by students in primary schools.These projects share complementary objectives and activities and enable Volunteers to help build the capacity of local institutions and communities while also strengthening links to national development goals and resources.


Volunteers working in the Community Health (CH) project work closely with health care providers at all levels in the Shefa, Malampa, and Penama provinces. Based at the community level, these Volunteers assist local health care providers to implement national and provincial basic health strategies. They focus on reorienting health services to a promotional and preventive model so community members can be directly involved as partners in sharing responsibility for their own health.