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Peace Corps Volunteers contribute in very important ways to Vanuatu’s national goal of increasing opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu, particularly those living in rural areas. Volunteers support the work of development partners that include government departments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), local institutions, and communities. Ni-Vanuatu counterparts work with Volunteers to build capacity and to make projects sustainable beyond the service of the Volunteer. The Peace Corps program in Vanuatu helps:

  • Ni-Vanuatu increase opportunities for education and training and improve the quality of education for young people.
  • Improve the overall health of the Ni-Vanuatu by assisting community-based health care providers in delivering health services to rural communities.
  • Encourage youth and women to take active, leading roles in development.
  • Facilitate the delivery of other important development programs and resources to rural communities and institutions.
Working and living with Ni-Vanuatu at the community level is the theme that transcends the varied assignments of Peace Corps Volunteers. Volunteers are distinguished by their respect for culture, ability to speak Bislama, and willingness to live in some of the most remote areas of the country. They range in age, gender, and experience, but all share a commitment to the goals of the Peace Corps and to the people of Vanuatu.