Peace Corps in Vanuatu

There are 52 Volunteers in Vanuatu working with their communities on projects in education and health. During their service in Vanuatu, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Bislama and French. More than 705 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Vanuatu since the program was established in 1990.

Current: 52
To Date: 705
Program Dates
Official Language
Bislama, French, English

Volunteer Openings in Vanuatu

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Hygiene Education and Water Sanitation Volunteer

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Health Extension Specialist Volunteer

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Health Extension Volunteer

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The one thing I wish Americans knew about Vanuatu is the vastly different cultural context in every part of this country.

Information Technology & Literacy Volunteer in Vanuatu, 2014-2015

Current Projects in Vanuatu