Stories from Philippines

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Philippines.

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Mark Rayos 09
My family lived in Lingayen, a seaside provincial town in the Philippines peppered with rice paddies and fishponds.
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Carrying a crate for coral at coral gardening training

There is no doubt that summer camp really prepared me for the Peace Corps.

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Our island, our paradise, our home

When I think about how I found myself living and working on a small island in the Philippines, I almost cannot believe that it’s real. 

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Stav Friedman

On the average Monday through Friday, this is what you can find me doing as a coastal resource management Volunteer in the Philippines.

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8 volunteer opportunities for creative types

Did you know you can serve in the Peace Corps as a music teacher or animation specialist? 

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What will my counterpart be like? Amy DeCola

For those not familiar with Peace Corps lingo, a counterpart is a person in a Volunteer’s host community who works alongside the Volunteer. 

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Daniel Tremblay Philippines

In 2015, I spent months traveling around the Philippines hearing incredible stories of community empowerment. 

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John Pabustan Peace Corps Response Philippines

The number 8 has been long considered a lucky number by the Chinese and other Asian cultures. As I end my year-long assignment with Peace Corps Response in the Philippines in Region 8, I cannot help but think how lucky I am to have lived and served in these parts of the country. 

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Tubig, nsuo, wata, water

It goes by different names: tubignsuowata. In my childhood home, the H2O flowing through our pipes was known best as “water.”

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