Stories from Madagascar

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Madagascar.

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There is a tradition among Peace Corps volunteers of touring houses of worship soon after installing at site.

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Changing sites can be a scary prospect for any Volunteer. Luckily, Belén Godinez had a new site mate to steady the transition. Read More

Florence sits on her porch in the shade, her face painted white.  

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"There's a turkey here that hates me!" says Eve Breckenridge, an Agriculture Volunteer serving in the central highlands of Madagascar. 
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Making Cultural Connections Through the Kitchen1

For many of the people in my community in rural Madagascar, I am the first African-Dominican they have met.

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The community would have been satisfied with fresh bread, but that was before Tropical Cyclone Enawo hit Madagascar’s east coast in March 2017.
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Few things are more particular to time and place than the fruits we eat, especially when living without paved roads or refrigerators. 

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If you were to line up the Peace Corps Volunteers living in northern Madagascar, what would you see? 

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rain madagascar

Mother nature and I have been playing a game.

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Anyone hoping for an expenses-paid vacation to Senegal would have been disappointed, but for Health Volunteer Anna Lehmann, the Malaria Bootcamp in Dakar was a chance to geek-out with other Volunteers serving across the African continent.  
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