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Stories from Georgia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Georgia.

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A woman has a virtual meeting on her computer

One mention of the Peace Corps and Megan Youness’ eyes light up. “It was honestly the best decision I ever made.”

Jennifer McFann teaching during service in Georgia

In the depths of the pandemic, I received an email asking for eager participants to take part in the Virtual Service Pilot.

Michael Triozzi in Morocco as a Peace Corps Volunteer

I chose to serve in Peace Corps before applying to be a Peace Corps Response Volunteer, and I’m glad I did both.

6 women sitting around a dinner time

A village, composed of dozens of individuals who became family and dear friends, deeply touched and enriched my life in ways I never could have anticipated.

Large group of youth
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The Peace Corps offers a wide variety of service opportunities abroad.

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Everywhere, food brings people together. Participating in the daily rituals around food—whether growing, preparing, cooking, or eating it—is an essential part of the Volunteer experience in communities abroad. Here, Volunteers share the food traditions that made their service special.

Two women with cloth

The beauty of Peace Corps Response is its ability to adapt and adjust relatively quickly to new realities.

Julia eating and celebrating with her host family

Working with the enthusiastic and loving teachers in Georgia reminded me why I became an educator.

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Our approach to development centers on people-to-people connection.


May is nationally recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month.

11 interesting volunteer opportunities for 12 months or less

Peace Corps Response offers volunteer opportunities for experienced professionals to serve in communities around the world. 

Elyse crossing the equator for the first time during her service with Peace Corps Uganda.

“You're still going.”

Mothers and Daughters Doing Activity Together

I grew up attending my mother’s annual Mother Daughter conference that she held for Latina women and their daughters. 

Arts organization lifts women to launch their entrepreneurial careers

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in a settlement for internally displaced persons in Georgia.

Nathan Chaput, Nepal

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you'll likely have the chance to learn a new language during service — and you never know where that will lead you.

Health, fitness and girls basketball

Last year, my director told me that the girls at our school had a strong desire to play basketball. 

Nyassa Kollie, Malawi

We asked Peace Corps Volunteers, "What do you wish Americans knew about your country of service?"