Projects in Georgia

Community Economic Development

Volunteers help individuals and organizations strengthen their capacity to develop sustainable projects, manage their resources, and collaborate with others to achieve their mission and benefit the community. Volunteers serve in governmental, non-profit, and civil society development organizations, exchanging skills with their counterparts and developing projects based on the local need. A special effort is made to place Volunteers in underserved communities and organizations that serve Internally Displaced People, women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

Volunteers conduct activities such as:

  • Trainings for organization members, adults, and youth in Project Design and Management, budgeting, strategic planning, leadership, and financial literacy.
  • Developing grant proposal processes, capacity assessments, strategic plans, and public relations materials for organizations.
  • Assisting with development of sustainable social entrepreneurship activities.


Education Volunteers help youth, teachers, and other community members gain access to personal, professional, and academic opportunities through English language learning and critical skills development. They are placed in public schools in towns and villages across the country with a focus on reaching geographically remote areas and socially or economically vulnerable populations, including internally displaced persons or ethnic minorities.

Volunteers work collaboratively with teachers to incorporate communicative and interactive approaches in English teaching that encourage critical and creative thinking. They also have the opportunity to organize projects and activities such as after school English, reading, fitness, and eco clubs; youth summer camps; and teacher workshops in regional centers.

Let Girls Learn

Since June, 2015, Peace Corps Georgia is part of Let Girls Learn, a major initiative championed by First Lady Michelle Obama to promote girls education, empowerment and gender equality. Let Girls Learn aims to expand access to education for adolescent girls around the world by abolishing barriers to their education and career paths. As access to education is generally available to girls, Peace Corps Georgia's main LGL priority is promoting girls empowerment and leadership through camps, clubs, mentorship programs and trainings.