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Projects in Georgia

Community Economic Development

Volunteers help individuals and organizations strengthen their capacity to develop sustainable projects, manage their resources, develop their professional skills, and collaborate with others to achieve their mission and benefit the community. Volunteers serve in governmental, non-profit, and civil society development organizations, exchanging skills with their counterparts and developing projects based on the local need. A special effort is made to place Volunteers in underserved communities and organizations that serve women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

Volunteers conduct activities such as:

  • Trainings for organization members, adults, and youth in project design and management, budgeting, leadership, digital literacy, English for work, and entrepreneurial behaviors.
  • Developing grant proposals, needs and capacity assessments, communications, and public relations materials for organizations.
  • Assisting with development of sustainable program and projects, as well as 21st century skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, technology, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, social skills).


Peace Corps Georgia’s English and Youth Engagement (EYE) for the Future project helps Georgian students and youth enhance their English skills and increase their personal, educational and professional engagement to become actively contributing members of their communities. EYE for the Future Program Volunteers partner with local English counterparts to help increase students’ achievement in English and further enhance youth’s community engagement and employability skills. Volunteers collaborate with and support English teachers to increase their general and English teaching skills and English proficiency through co-planning and co-teaching English classes, engaging in model teaching and/or peer observation and delivering formal and informal conversation sessions in English.

Volunteers work collaboratively with teachers to incorporate communicative and interactive approaches in English teaching and encourage critical and creative thinking in students/youth. They also help initiate and organize English afterschool activities, e.g. clubs and camps, English events, co-facilitate awareness days, volunteering activities and youth development workshops focused on the enhancement of resume writing, job interview skills, etc.

EYE for the Future Program Volunteers are placed in public schools in towns and villages across the country (except Tbilisi) with a focus on reaching geographically remote areas and socially or economically vulnerable populations, including internally displaced persons or ethnic minorities.

Peace Corps Response

The Peace Corps Response program brings in Volunteers with significant experience and technical skills to serve in short-term assignments ranging from six to twelve months. The program adds specialized technical skills to support the English Education and Individual and Organizational Development projects and Cross Sector Programming Priorities of Peace Corps. Response Volunteers and their Georgian partners work on a variety of activities that support the specific development needs of individuals and organizations across the country to build human and organizational capacity.

Peace Corps Response Volunteers conduct activities such as: 

  • Designing management, fundraising, communication, organizational strategies, and action plans; 
  • Helping government or non-governmental organizations in improving internal management, planning, grant proposal development processes for the organizations; 
  • Training organization members in strategic planning, fundraising, communications, usage of modern technologies, time management, project management, and other skills;
  • Supporting universities, vocational education colleges, Education Resource Centers in improving English Language Education programs and English skills of students, teachers and community members;
  • Training teachers in improving teaching practices and professional skills.