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Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Thailand.

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A man stands in front of an ancient tomb

Peace Corps’ Virtual Service provides U.S. citizens with the unique opportunity to donate their professional skills and remotely support counterparts abroad. Early pilot participants were returned Peace Corps Volunteers, five of whom were also AmeriCorps alumni. These dedicated individuals share why there’s no set or linear path when it comes to serving communities.

Dewey in a Thai classroom

We are celebrating Pride Month by sharing the voices, experiences, and insights of members of the Peace Corps’ LGBTQI+ community.

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When I was asked to write about my youth in development sector work in Thailand, I wondered if I should write about a single event, a single day or the overall experience.

A young girl, hand covered in blue paint, adds her hand print to piece of paper with other colorful hand prints.

Youth in development Volunteers know that individual connections create a global impact.

RPCVs speak to a Girl Scout troop during World Thinking Day

For World Thinking Day, I challenged returned Peace Corps Volunteers to share stories about leadership with my Girl Scout troop.

Pamela Watkins

Though they represent less than 5% of the overall Volunteer population, Americans over the age of 50 are a valuable asset to the Peace Corps community.

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Upon arriving to my school, the first thing I asked for was a classroom or anything that could potentially be used as one. More than anything, I knew that I had to have a designated space to teach in, that I could call my own. I did not want to have to trudge all my belongings from one class to the next, and I desperately wanted a space that my students and I felt belonged to us, specifically, to learn in.
My counterpart, P Tu's, family has officially made me one of their own

In Thailand, everyone is given a nickname. 

Robert Sykora

Sometimes, the things you imagine come true.

VIDEO: Highlighting home in Thailand
Jeremie Gluckman-Picard served as an education Volunteer in China from 2014 to 2016.

When serving abroad, all Peace Corps Volunteers face challenges of new living arrangements, novel foods and different attitudes.

Kyle and Film

We first met in July 2012 when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. He sent me an SMS saying, “Hey Guy!”

A lesson in American diversity

Before coming to Thailand I knew that I would blend in, but it really didn’t sink in how well I’d actually blend in until arriving.

Give kids an opportunity and watch them grow
City Year to Peace Corps: Living to serve

The Zulu proverb Ubuntu says, “I am a person through other people; my humanity is tied to yours.” 

Making friends, Thailand

“Can you describe to me what your social life is like at site?” I eagerly asked a fellow Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer at our joint swearing in/close of service ceremony. 

Morocco house

In Mongolia, you might live in a ger; in Swaziland, it could be a rondavel. Just as each Volunteer experience is different, so is each house. 

7 things I learned as an Asian Volunteer in Asia

May is Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month, or so people tell me, but I never knew that we had our own special month because I've always identified as just a regular American.