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13 types of houses Volunteers call home sweet home

Morocco house

In Mongolia, you might live in a ger; in Swaziland, it could be a rondavel. Just as each Volunteer experience is different, so is each house. 

Here's a look at some of the different Peace Corps Volunteer dwellings you could find at your site.

1. If you've ever wanted to know what a ger/yurt looks like inside...

Mongolia ger

here you go!

Mongolia ger

Primarily found in Central Asia and Mongolia, gers and yurts are frequently used by nomadic peoples due to their portability.

2. In Guyana, it is common for the outhouse to be separated from main living areas.

Guyana house

3. Flooding often occurs during the rainy season, so many homes in Cambodia are built on stilts.

Cambodia house

4. Rondavel houses in Botswana are common Volunteer dwellings.

Botswana rondavel

5. Housing in Azerbaijan is typically a small room or apartment with a gas-burning furnace providing heat during the winter months.

Azerbaijan apartment

6. Here's an inside look at a Volunteer's thatched house in Belize.

Belize house

7. A simple yet practical home in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua house

8. Many houses in hot and humid climates are single story, like this Volunteer's dwelling in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Federated States of Micronesia house
Federated States of Micronesia

9. Check out this Volunteer's sun-drenched home in rural Morocco. 

Morocco house

10. It's easy being green at this Volunteer's house in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic house
Dominican Republic

11. A Volunteer shows off her home in Paraguay.

Paraguay house

12. What about Thailand? This Volunteer's home was built by a Westerner.

Thailand house

13. Clothes hanging out to dry on the line is a common sight at homes in Ecuador.

Ecuador house

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