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Projects in Thailand


The goal of the Teacher Empowerment for Student Success (TESS) Project is for Thai students to have the communication skills in English necessary to improve their personal, academic, and professional development. The project works in rural and under-served schools and communities in all regions of the country. Volunteers support improved English teaching through a co-teaching model, working closely with Thai teachers to plan and teach daily English lessons as well as foster a student-centered environment. In addition to working at school, Volunteers also engage with their local communities to engage them in the students’ education and organize other community development projects.

Youth in Development

The overall goal of the Youth in Development Project is to help Thai youth develop the skills and attributes that prepare them to be healthy engaged citizens who contribute positively to their communities. Volunteers work in the rural regions of Thailand in partnership with local government offices, schools, and health centers. Volunteers engage in community needs assessment and develop projects around two key goals- cultivating life skills and leadership and promoting healthy lifestyles. Volunteers reach youth through a combination of classes, clubs, community projects and youth camps that engage local teachers and officials as co-facilitators but also engage the youth themselves to be leaders.