Projects in Thailand


Volunteers are placed in primary schools where they co-teach with Thai teachers in the classroom, introducing various participatory learning approaches and activities and helping students practice with a native speaker. Volunteer sites are mostly in rural areas, in schools that are either more remote or have less resources than other schools in Thailand. The project supports national education reform efforts and aims to help Thai primary school teachers to improve and apply participatory learning approaches in the English classroom as well as other subjects, and to design creative lessons and materials to support an integrated curriculum. Volunteers are also actively involved in lots of creative, small-scale school projects in the areas of education, health, environment, and more.

Youth in Development

The Youth in Development (YinD) Project engages young Thai people in remote areas to prepare for their adult roles. This YinD Project is aligned with the Thai government in viewing young people as resources when developed to become healthy, engaged, contributing adults. Additionally, the project helps to recognize and fully develop their assets, both internal and external, leading to a productive and fulfilling adulthood. Youth is defined as age 11–15 for this project and was agreed upon with government partners. Volunteers serve in mostly rural areas where youth have less access to the resources of the cities. Hence, much of YinD Volunteers’ work is about helping youth open their minds and develop skills that enhance their career and life opportunities.