US Peace Corps intends to reduce its office space and build new internal office layout. With this project, the agency is looking for a Contractor who specializes in “Design-Build Construction” based on the specifications required by Peace Corps. Design Build Construction will consists of two (2) method, which consists of (i) the preparation of design plans (including blueprint of architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical) and specifications for the proposed construction project; and (ii) the actual construction of reduced office space and new office layout. 

The agency would like to invite you to bid for “Office Space Renovation Construction for US Peace Corps Office Premise” which will require a “Design-Build Construction” - contractor who specializes in research, development, design, construction, alteration or repair of a real property based on the specification required by Peace Corps.

Interested parties are required to review all information and complete the attached respective Request for Quotation (RFQ) –Office Space Reduction in submission of bids.  Please read the entirely of the RFQ and kindly email your proposal to [email protected]. Deadline to submit is on or before August 6, 2018.

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Safety and Security Manager (SSM )    PC-P_SSM_Job Announcement_2018_final.doc
Program Assistant - Children, Youth and Family (PA-CYF)  PC-P_CYF-PA_Job Announcement_2018.doc

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