Peace Corps in Lesotho

There are more than 130 Volunteers in Lesotho working with their communities on projects in education and health. During their service in Lesotho, Volunteers learn to speak Sesotho. More than 2,480 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Lesotho since the program was established in 1967. 

Current: 130
To Date: 2480
Program Dates
Official Language
Sesotho, English

Volunteer Openings in Lesotho

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There are currently no openings in Lesotho

Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Lesotho is the most beautiful place you've never heard of.

Jody Lewis, Healthy Youth Volunteer in Lesotho 2014-2016

Current Projects in Lesotho

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Support Projects in Lesotho

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Contributions to the Lesotho Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Lesotho.

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In support with Let Girls Learn, High School is building a girls'€™ hostel and teacher accommodations at our school. The hostel will enable our gir...

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The hall project for the Primary school aims to be completed in under 6 months. We will use an existing structure on the school campus and renovate...

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