Peace Corps in Lesotho

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Volunteers in Lesotho work with their communities on projects in education and health. During their service in Lesotho, Volunteers learn to speak Sesotho.

Current: 155
To Date: 2600
Program Dates
Official Language
Sesotho, English

Volunteer Openings in Lesotho

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Primary Education Teacher

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Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Lesotho is the most beautiful place you've never heard of.

Jody Lewis, Healthy Youth Volunteer in Lesotho 2014-2016

Current Projects in Lesotho

Support Projects in Lesotho

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Contributions to the Lesotho Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Lesotho.

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Our High School is at the centre of our village along a well-traveled route. The school is surrounded by several …

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