Projects in Lesotho


Education Volunteers work to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Lesotho. They serve as math teachers in secondary and high schools and as English teachers in primary schools. In addition to planning and facilitating classes they help monitor and assess student performance. And through communities of practice they exchange ideas and teaching techniques with their fellow counterparts to enhance the quality of teaching in the schools they serve.

Volunteers also teach students life skills, help establish functional school and community libraries, and assist communities in mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS. And they have the opportunity to support extracurricular activities for students such as sports, drama clubs, cultural activities, and subject related groups.


HIV prevention for youth remains vital in Lesotho and it is with this in mind that the Healthy Youth project was developed. Volunteers work to increase HIV/AIDS education and life skills for young people ages 10-24.

Volunteers promote HIV prevention through trainings, one-on-one mentoring, sports, clubs, events, and health education. Through mentoring and education Volunteers encourage them to make better choices. They also help prepare youth for their future by conducting trainings, lessons, and educational workshops on topics such as career planning, goal setting, informational interviews, resume writing, job shadowing, searches, identifying internships, or other related activities.

Volunteers also co-facilitate clubs, camps (GLOW- Girls Leading Our World and BRO- Boys Reaching Out,) and extracurricular activities that promote youth leadership.