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Projects in Lesotho


Education Volunteers work to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Lesotho. They work hand-and-hand with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to support primary school learners to increase their literacy, numeracy, and life skills. The project’s dual focus spans Grades 1-7 supporting learners in the primary school to become literate in English and Mathematics (Grades 1-4) and maintain healthy lifestyles (Grades 4-7) through teaching of Life Skills-based Sexuality Education (LBSE).

In addition to planning and facilitating classes they help monitor and assess student performance. And through communities of practice, they exchange ideas and teaching techniques with their fellow counterparts to enhance the quality of teaching in the schools they serve.

Volunteers also help establish functional school and community libraries and assist communities in mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS. And they can support extracurricular activities for students such as sports, drama clubs, cultural activities, and subject related groups.


HIV remains a major global public health issue. In Lesotho, Adolescent girls and young women have the highest number of new infections of all populations and males have the lowest rate of knowing their HIV status. It is with these issues in mind that the Health project was developed. Volunteers alongside their Basotho counterparts contribute to HIV prevention, care, support and treatment through:

  • Community awareness and demand creation for health services (e.g. PrEP, VMMC, HTS etc.)
  • Activities engaging men and boys (e.g. herdboys)
  • Activities focusing on teenage mothers
  • Comprehensive sexuality education with in and out of school youth outside the school setting
  • Youth camps and clubs promoting gender equity and leadership with in and out of school youth-Girls Leading Our World (GLOW), Boys Respecting Others (BRO), Youth Optimizing Leadership Opportunities (YOLO).
  • Spreading HIV/AIDS messaging through Grassroot Soccer (GRS) interventions