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Stories from Guatemala

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Guatemala.

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The Mujeres Mejorando Vidas staff in Guatemala gather to celebrate

In Guatemala, four women were determined to address domestic violence in their community. This is a global issue that is also personal to them.

View of Lake Guija from a boat

Briony ‘Bri’ Seoane has mastered the art of multitasking. She serves as chief mission officer for the San Francisco Bay Area’s Ronald McDonald House Charities by day and shuttles her 8-year-old daughter to dance rehearsal by night.

Guatemala Partner Luis poses for a photo

Luis Enrique Macario Ajcá’s infectious passion for youth development is rooted in the belief that if given the opportunity, youth can make a difference in their communities.

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Madeline and Clint Kellner discovered during their in-person volunteer service in Guatemala a benefit of going as a couple – your partner serves as an additional support system. After returning to the United States, the two decided to serve again but, due to COVID-19, Madeline and Clint were forced to leave Peru after only 10 weeks.

The couple credits the supportive Peace Corps post staff as one of the reasons they remained committed to serving South American counterparts through virtual service.

Bruce Bogan hands out blankets

Once a Peace Corps Volunteer, always a Peace Corps Volunteer. Let’s face it, this is why we‘re referred to as “returned,” not “former” Volunteers.

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In 2016, my husband Clint and I left our jobs and our home of almost 25 years behind in California to serve for the first time as Peace Corps Volunteers in Guatemala.

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For #PeaceCorpsWeek, we are featuring stories of Volunteers who have interesting ties to the agency. Costa Rica PCV, Kirby, comes from a long line of Peace Corps Volunteers.

Hannah Gdalman 1

My journey to where I am today—a Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellow—began when I was about 12 and first learned about the Peace Corps. 


The work of a Peace Corps Volunteer varies based on their assigned project, the volunteer’s prior experiences, and of course, the community one is placed in. It is perhaps the latter that affects our work the most.


Guatemala is a country full of lush scenery, fertile volcanic soil and intense cultural preservation.

Camp participants of Campamento Lucero in Aguacatan respond to questions on HIV transmission and prevention.

After six months of fervent planning, collaborating and excitement, the first day of the inaugural Campamento Lucero: Girls’ Empowerment Camp had finally come, involving participants representing eight different communities across the municipality of Aguacatán. 

VIDEO: Highlighting home in Guatemala
VIDEO: Highlighting home in Guatemala
Kay Davis is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala.

Kay Davis, a native of Maine, is a 72-year-old maternal and child health Volunteer in Guatemala. 

Cover 2 Nic N

I beat the sun most days, either waking up early to catch a bus to the main office or to get an early start on my morning routine. 

Allyson ready for a new day of work



“YOU are the experts here in this community. These women are your neighbors, your friends, your family. They’re going to pay a lot more attention to you than to some gringa!”