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Projects in Albania and Montenegro


Project goal

Develop teaching and learning capacities in English language.

Project objectives

Use of co-teaching approaches for planning and presenting English language lessons, as well as promoting gender equity.

  • Creating opportunities for practicing and improving English language skills.
  • Supporting extracurricular activities for English, Youth, and leadership skills development.
  • Implementing school facilities improvement projects.
  • Providing non-formal English education to community members

The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program, through the work of its school-based Volunteers, supports student language acquisition and the professional development of English teachers through improved language proficiency and instructional methodology aligned with communicative language teaching. TEFL Volunteers co-teach English lessons with their English teacher counterparts and coordinate clubs, camps and other extracurricular activities aimed at developing youth leadership and life skills.

Volunteers serving in the English Education project work with English teachers, students at middle and high school levels throughout Albania to develop teaching and learning capacities in English language. English has become an absolute priority as Albania strives to join the European Union. It is in high demand by students and parents alike, as it is the language that creates enormous study, work, and partnership opportunities. The English Education program, through the work of the Volunteers, directly addresses teachers’ professional development needs related to language proficiency and instructional practices aligned with communicative teaching methods.

Volunteers increase proficiency and confidence in teachers and students’ skills inside and outside of the classroom. Volunteers teach critical thinking skills to solve problems. In addition to classroom teaching, Volunteers organize clubs and camps, initiate and support youth development efforts, help develop student government in schools, share English language resources, develop teaching materials with local teachers, and become involved in locally identified community and school-based projects.


Project goal

School children and youth are informed and empowered to lead a healthy life and effectively transition to productive and engaged adults

Project objectives

  1. Increase the knowledge and skills of children and youth to improve their health and well-being through health and life skills education;
  2. Increase the capacity of school-based staff to provide health and life skills education;
  3. Develop and increase collaboration with service providers and community partners to effectively support the health and well-being of children and youth.

The Health program focuses on Youth Health and Well-being (YHW). The YHW program supports children and youth aged 5-19 years old to lead healthy lives, and to effectively transition to healthy, productive and engaged adults. Volunteers in this project are placed in schools to co-facilitate classroom health and physical education lessons, following the national health curriculum. Outside of the classroom, Volunteers coordinate extracurricular activities and camps with a focus on health and well-being.

Peace Corps is well positioned to help achieve improved health, well-being, and life outcomes among children and youth in Albania. Peace Corps Albania and Montenegro has established close partnerships with governmental institutions and local actors, which has strengthened the impact of our response and support of community and country needs. It supports national policies, strategies, and priorities of the three ministries in Albania (the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the Minister of State for Children and Youth.

Youth Health and Wellbeing Volunteers work with teachers, school psychologists, social workers, student school government, and local community partners, with the aim of enabling children and youth (5-19 years old) to develop the necessary life skills to make responsible and healthy life decisions.

Health Education Volunteers co-organize curricular (in-school) and extra-curricular (after-school) activities, such as camps, clubs, awareness-raising campaigns, sports and physical education projects, and science fairs. They leverage the available school and community resources to promote the importance of health and wellbeing, to cultivate leadership opportunities, and other life skills that are important for children and youth to be successful in school and in their life!