Stories from Tanzania

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Tanzania.

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May is nationally recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month.

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11 interesting volunteer opportunities for 12 months or less

Peace Corps Response offers volunteer opportunities for experienced professionals to serve in communities around the world. 

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Jeanette Sasek 2

In Tanzania, approximately 90% of households use either charcoal or firewood as cooking fuel. 

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Dapolito 03

Zabroni, my committed counterpart, and I began facilitating a nutrition Training of Trainers with four women in our village. 

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Youth Health Room Under Construction
In August of 2016 my counterpart Edwin approached me with an idea of building an adolescent-friendly health room at our clinic. Read More
tanzania landscape

To my 200-plus midwifery students — you know who you are — this is dedicated to you and all that you have taught me during my ten months as a visitor in your beautiful country. I hope you recognize how truly special each and every one of you are.  

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Mark Rayos 09
My family lived in Lingayen, a seaside provincial town in the Philippines peppered with rice paddies and fishponds. Read More
Susan Schneider 2
As a 66-year-old Peace Corps English teacher serving in Tanzania, I don’t hike as fast as my younger Volunteers…but I still hike. Read More