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Peace Corps in South Africa

There are 143 Volunteers in South Africa working with their communities on projects in education and health. During their service in South Africa, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including IsiNdebele, IsiZulu, Sepedi, SiSwati, TshiVenda, and XiTsonga. More than 1,380 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in South Africa since the program was established in 1997.
Current: 143
To Date: 1380
Program Dates
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English, Afrikaans, + 9

Volunteer Openings in South Africa

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There are currently no openings in South Africa

So much of Peace Corps service is about learning to be someone they can trust.

Melinda Morgan, Peace Corps Volunteer

Support Projects in South Africa

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Contributions to the South Africa Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in South Africa.

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Our project targets adolescent girls from the age of 16 to 24 in a high school located in a rural village. The main overall objectives of this prog...

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The goal of this project is to increase community awareness of proper water and sanitation practices in the village through the conducting of four ...

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