Peace Corps in Samoa

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Volunteers in Samoa work with their communities on education projects. During their service in Samoa, Volunteers learn to speak Samoan. 

All-time: 1,904
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Samoan, English

Volunteer Openings in Samoa

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There are currently no Peace Corps Volunteer openings in Samoa.

Things will be difficult and sometimes they will be so difficult that you’ll just want to give up, but nothing is impossible. They say that Polynesian people are some of the happiest people in the world and I have discovered, even on the hardest days here that this “Samoan happiness” is truly infectious. In Samoa you will surprise yourself. You will face your share of obstacles but throughout the course of this wonderfully crazy adventure, you will realize that you are a lot stronger than you ever thought you were.

Kate Brolley, Volunteer

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Contributions to the Samoa Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Samoa.

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