Peace Corps in Rwanda

There are more than 175 Volunteers in Rwanda working with their communities on education projects. During their service in Rwanda, Volunteers learn to speak Kinyarwanda. More than 700 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Rwanda since the program was established in 1975. 

Current: 175
To Date: 700
Program Dates
1975-1993; 2008-present
Official Language
Kinyarwanda, French, English

Volunteer Openings in Rwanda

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There are currently no openings in Rwanda

The project was especially meaningful for me because of its direct and significant impact on beneficiaries, who gained clean water access close to their homes.

Rebecca, Health Volunteer
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Support Projects in Rwanda

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Contributions to the Rwanda Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Rwanda.

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Our school has been struggling for six years with internet that, when it works, is too slow to be effective, and regularly disconnects for weeks at...

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This project is a mentorship program where A-Level Rwandan secondary girls apply for a shadowing experience with a Rwandan professional. The projec...

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