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The application process begins by selecting a service model and finding an open position.

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2 years, 3 months
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Up to 12 months
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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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Certifications of Service

There are many reasons you might need to show proof of your Peace Corps service. From student loan cancellation to federal retirement credit, we can get you the documentation you need.

How to request a certification

If you need to request a certification regarding your Peace Corps service, follow these steps to submit your request:

  1. Review the types of certification documents available below.
  2. Create an RPCV Portal account if you don’t already have one. To reduce delays, please use the name you used during your Peace Corps service.
  3. Log in to the RPCV Portal. Verify your contact information and service dates. Your documents will be sent to the email in the RPCV Portal.
  4. Navigate to the drop-down menu for all certification types and select the certification you desire.

Note that requests take 7–10 business days to process.

Types of certification documents

Description of Service

This document contains a written description of the Volunteer’s service and indicates noncompetitive eligibility, eligibility for the Peace Corps hiring benefit, Coverdell Fellows participation eligibility, and teacher certificate eligibility. It is signed by the country director, and a copy is given to the Returned Volunteer upon completion of service.

You can request your Description of Service through the RPCV Portal.

Certification of noncompetitive eligibility

Your Description of Service document should be used to verify noncompetitive eligibility status for a federal employer.

Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program

For certain types of federal student loans, Volunteers may be eligible to count their service as qualifying employment under the PSLF program.

RPCVs interested in completing their PSLF employment verification for their Peace Corps service must request their certification of service through the RPCV portal.

RPCVs should log into their account and use the PSLF Help Tool. Complete this help tool and select the digital signature from employer.

If you are or have been both Peace Corps staff and a Volunteer, you will need to send separate forms to each email address.

Certification for Partial Perkins loan cancellation

You may be eligible for partial Perkins loan cancellation if you have a non-consolidated Perkins loan. Contact your lender to see if and how you may qualify for this benefit.

Please request this document through the RPCV Portal.

Certification of Peace Corps health care coverage

This certification provides proof of your Peace Corps health-care coverage during service. It can be used to reinstate Medicare Part B.

Please request this document through the RPCV Portal.

Certification of service for employment purposes

This is an official verification of your Volunteer service, including dates and country of service, for a potential employer.

Please request this document through the RPCV Portal.

Certification of service for federal retirement

Employees who are covered under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) may be eligible to receive credit for their Peace Corps Volunteer service to put toward their retirement.

Please request this document through the RPCV Portal.

Also see: Federal retirement

Certification of teaching

If your primary assignment during service was as a teacher and you served for 18 months or more, many states will allow you to count this time toward your professional teaching experience.

Also see: State and territorial teaching certifications