Support Services

For former Volunteers

There are many reasons you may need to show proof of your Peace Corps service, from student loan cancellation to federal retirement credit.

  • Certifications of service: Request proof of your Peace Corps service.
  • Federal retirement: Apply your Peace Corps service time toward your federal retirement. Also see State and Territorial Retirement Benefits earned through Peace Corps service (updated Nov. 6, 2023).
  • Verify previous service for student loans: RPCVs may be eligible to have their student loans partially or fully forgiven depending on the specifics of their situation. Please see Student Loan Information to find out more information about your student loans and Peace Corps service.

For employers or third-party verifiers

If you are attempting to verify employment of a former volunteer, please send your inquiry to [email protected]. For information on former Peace Corps staff members, email [email protected]

Prior to providing service information we are required to obtain an Authorization for use or disclosure of protected health information form [PDF] signed by the subject of the investigation. Please forward the authorization with your inquiry and we will be able to provide the record information.

Obtain tax documents

For a copy of your W-2, email [email protected] (include name, country, years of service, and your current mailing address) and we'll mail it to you. 

Manage health and well-being

The Peace Corps addressed your medical needs while you were in-country. Now it’s time for you to make decisions about your post-service health care. It's important to understand your options and the Peace Corps' role in your post-service health-care benefits.

Contact the Post-Service Unit at [email protected] or 202.692.1540 about post-service health care benefits or service-related claims.

Video: Closing service and obtaining health insurance

You can also download the Guide for Health Benefits After Service [PDF], which contains information about your health benefits and options. 

RPCV short-term health insurance

Short-term (up to three months) private health insurance is available to returned Volunteers immediately upon close of service, as a bridge to health insurance that may be obtained after service.

Get more information on short-term health insurance for RPCVs.

Insurance through the Affordable Care Act is the resource for selecting health insurance to best meet individual needs.

Get more information on acquiring insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Medical and dental evaluations

After service, you will need authorization for evaluation of medical and dental conditions resulting from Peace Corps service.  An authorization form, PC-127C, issued after close of service authorizes the payment of medical and dental evaluations related to your Peace Corps service and must be used within 180 days of the date you ended service.

Peace Corps does not have the legal authority as defined under the Peace Corps Act to pay for evaluations after this time.

Get more information on medical and dental evaluations.

Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)

Returned Volunteers who sustained an injury or illness during service and require ongoing medical treatment may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under FECA administered by the Department of Labor. The Peace Corps Post-Service Unit can assist you in filing a claim.

Get more information on FECA eligibility and filing a claim.

Request your medical records

  • Records from 1988 to 2015 are paper files archived at an off-site facility, increasing the time it will take to receive your records
  • Records from 1987 and earlier are no longer available

To request your medical records:

If you would prefer to receive your records via e-mail, please complete and return the email waiver [PDF] with your records request to [email protected]. To the extent possible we will try and meet this request, but the size of the file may determine the method of delivery.