Support Services

Continuous support

Access the documentation and information you need to manage your health care, career, student loans, and taxes after service.

Verifying your Peace Corps service

You may need documentation of your Peace Corps service for a variety of reasons. 

Your health and well-being

The Peace Corps addressed your medical needs while you were in-country. Now it’s time for you to make decisions about your post-service health care. It's important to understand your options and the Peace Corps' role in your post-service health-care benefits.

  • RPCV Short-term Health Insurance — Short-term (up to three months) private health insurance is available to returned Volunteers immediately upon close of service, as a bridge to health insurance that must be obtained after service.
  • Insurance through the Affordable Care is the resource for selecting health insurance to best meet individual needs.
  • Medical and Dental Evaluations — After service, you will need authorization for evaluation of medical and dental conditions resulting from Peace Corps service. The authorization form, PC-127C, must be used within 180 days of the date you closed service to be valid for claims purposes.
  • FECA — Returned Volunteers who sustained an injury or illness during service and require ongoing medical treatment may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) administered by the Department of Labor. The Peace Corps Post-Service Unit can assist you in filing a claim.
  • Request your Medical Records - Authorization for Release of Medical Information Form (PDF) – To request your medical records, please complete, sign and return the release of information form to [email protected], or fax to 202-692-1577. The Medical Records Department will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and give you an estimated time of when you may expect to receive your records.

You can also download the Guide for Health Benefits After Service, which contains information about your health benefits and options. 

Tax documents

Need a copy of your W-2? Email [email protected] with your name, country, years of service, and your current mailing address and we’ll mail it to you.