Noncompetitive Eligibility

Your edge for federal employment

Upon successful completion of Peace Corps service, you receive 12 months of noncompetitive eligibility (NCE) hiring status within the federal government.

NCE makes it easier for federal agencies to hire returned Volunteers who meet the minimum qualifications of a given position, with three key advantages: 

  • Less competition
  • Faster application process
  • Strong interest from hiring managers

What is noncompetitive eligibility?

Under Executive Order 11103, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer is granted noncompetitive eligibility for 12 months upon successful completion of service. NCE allows U.S. federal government agencies to hire a returned Volunteer without having to go through the (lengthy) competitive hiring process.

Proof of NCE status

Country directors include an NCE certification in the final paragraph of the description of service for all Volunteers who receive this benefit. Volunteers who resign from Peace Corps service are not eligible for noncompetitive appointment regardless of how long they served. You can attach your description of service to a federal job application to provide proof of NCE. If you need a copy of your description of service, complete a certification request form and email it to

Find an NCE job

Comprehensive video on noncompetitive eligibility and how it works (17 minutes).