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Peace Corps Moldova announces that a new group of Americans will be arriving in Moldova to serve as Volunteers in partnership with local organizations. The Volunteers will represent the Community and Organizational Development program and will begin their service in August 2020. They will live in local communities and work with the local organizations and institutions for two years.

The Volunteers from the Community and Organizational development program can support the host organization in the following directions:

- Strengthening Organizational Capacity: improvement of the organizational management, enhancing the efficiency of the organizational procedures, building the capacity of planning and implementing projects, improve information sharing systems and promotion techniques to public and stakeholders, improve organization’s volunteer management practices

- Promoting collaboration among community organizations: community ecosystem mapping, communities of practice, events for cross-organization and/or cross-community exchange of knowledge, inclusion of the underrepresented groups in community activities.

- Civic engagement and skills building for community members: leadership skills for youth and adults, civic engagement, improvement of the use of IT resources, clubs and camps for various community groups.

If you are a registered Civil Society Organization/NGO, a Public Institution with a community focus (library, community center, youth resource center, museum, etc.) or a Business Incubator, you have worked in Moldova for at least 1 year, and you are interested in a productive cultural exchange to help you strengthen the capacities of your organization, we invite you to apply in order to host a Volunteer.

We encourage the organizations located in villages or rayon centers to apply for this opportunity. The program is focused on promoting and increasing the local capacity and is looking for host organizations outside of Chisinau.

An important requirement is the availability of a counterpart – a person from your organization, committed to work with the volunteer on a daily basis, as their main partner. The organization will also be expected to assist in identifying a host family for the Volunteer in the community. The accommodation costs will be covered by Peace Corps.

The application form and the info package can be accessed by clicking below:



The deadline for applying is March 1, 2020.

Please, send the filled application forms via email: [email protected] or via fax: 022545022.

For more information about the Community and Organizational Development Program do not hesitate to contact us:

Margarita Vasilascu – Program Manager

Tel. 022266315, 068425250, Email: [email protected]

Elena Blidari – Program Specialist

Tel. 022266328, 069107820, Email: [email protected]