Stories from Guinea

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Guinea.

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Large group of people in front of building

When I was young, and still living in Burkina Faso, I was impressed by projects Peace Corps Volunteers had organized in the villages, and I never forgot.

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Two women with cloth

The beauty of Peace Corps Response is its ability to adapt and adjust relatively quickly to new realities.

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Our approach to development centers on people-to-people connection.

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Woman in blue shirt surrounded by school children from Panama

Peace Corps Response sends Volunteers on highly specialized assignments for 12 months or less. If you have a background in teaching English as a foreign language, special education, or developing training materials, these might be the positions for you!

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Priscilla Ibrahim 1

Growing up as the daughter of Egyptian immigrants, I lived in two worlds simultaneously. 

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11 interesting volunteer opportunities for 12 months or less

Peace Corps Response offers volunteer opportunities for experienced professionals to serve in communities around the world. 

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Girls education is top priority for a growing public
October 11 marked International Girls’ Day, and Guinea volunteers celebrated this special day with the international community of Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs). Read More