Projects in Guinea


The Agroforestry project seeks to increase agricultural productivity, promote agribusiness, and improve natural resources management.

Our objectives include:

  • Increase the production of staple food crops
  • Promote the production of various vegetables
  • Promote post-harvest management techniques
  • Support revenue-generating agricultural activities
  • Do environmental education in the host communities
  • Promote pro-environment community actions
  • Be committed to sustainable management of food crops and plantations


The Education Project of the Peace Corps in Guinea seeks to improve students' performance and improve teaching techniques.

The program's objectives include:

  • Improve students' critical thinking
  • Improve students' performance and participation in school / community activities
  • Improve teaching techniques
  • Promote gender equality in the classroom
  • Improve and develop teaching resources and their use
  •  Organize Education Program Partners Meeting


Peace Corps Guinea's Health Project is designed to support the top health priorities of the country's Ministry of Health. The overall purpose of the project is to support global and national efforts to end preventable child and maternal deaths in Guinea.

These efforts include:

  •  Improve health care for the mother and the newborn
  •  Improved diet / nutrition of young children
  • Prevention of child mortality through early medical care and the treatment of common childhood diseases and other infections
  •  Support the capacity building of community health workers and community volunteers