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Projects in Guinea


Project Goal:

Smallholder-farm households achieve food and nutrition security, sustainable livelihoods, and increased resilience.

Project Objectives:

  • Increase smallholder farmers’ capacity to improve the diversity, productivity, and/or sustainability of their agricultural production
  • Increase smallholder farmers’ capacity to generate agriculture-related income
  • Increase the capacity of women of reproductive age (WRA) and/or key household decision makers to increase the dietary diversity of households


Project Goal:

Our Education Project's goal is to help Guinean students attain math and science skills and opportunities to become problem solvers and innovators.

Project Objectives :

For students:

  • Increase achievement of students in Math and/or Science.

For teachers:

  • Increase the capacity of teachers to use gender-equitable teaching practices in the classroom
  • Increase the capacity of teachers in general, critical thinking, and/or STEM teaching skills

Learning Environment and Community:

  • Increase the ability of community members to support students’ access to learning
  • Increase students’ and teachers’ access to teaching/learning materials and resources that use the STEM approach


Project Goal:

Peace Corps Guinea's Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Project is designed to support ending preventable child and maternal deaths

Project Objectives:

  • Increase the knowledge and skills of women and men to adopt practices that contribute to a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, good postpartum health, and a healthy newborn;
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of child caregivers to improve the health of children under 5 and to prevent childhood illnesses;
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of adolescents (10-24) to improve their health and well-being through health and life skills education;
  • Build capacity of health workers’ to adopt practices that strengthen the community health system and services.