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  • A believer in humanity: Sherlene Ferguson’s public service career benefits the Peace Corps

A believer in humanity: Sherlene Ferguson’s public service career benefits the Peace Corps

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Charmion Kinder Thanks a Public Servant

This Public Service Awareness week, Charmion N. Kinder, Office of Communications Director at Peace Corps, thanks Sherlene Ferguson. Ferguson has spent decades with the Peace Corps in various roles. Currently, she works as Lead Overseas Support Specialist and Agency Controlled Substance Coordinator. This role allows her to support Volunteers and the mission by ensuring medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and other required equipment for all overseas Posts are ordered and shipped.

Ferguson has worked at Peace Corps for 44 years. For many of those years she was a recruiter. Ferguson sees the importance of recruiting Volunteers to serve who reflect the diversity of America. She devoted her years as a recruiter to showing students at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), like her alma mater, Bennett College in Greensboro, NC, that Peace Corps was an opportunity for them to bring their curiosity, passion, and dedication to communities around the world.

Ferguson has also worked as a Diversity Liaison at Peace Corps, a role though which she advocated for people of color and older people so that they could serve boldly and make a difference in the lives of people a world away.

Besides her dedication to Volunteers, she’s also shown a career-spanning dedication to her colleagues at the agency. She’s a former President and member of Peace Corps Council 21 Union and a founding member of Sankofa, the Black and African American Employee Resource Group. Ferguson is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. She holds a M.S. in Human Resource Administration from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI and a B.S. Elementary Education from Bennett College, Greensboro NC.

Celebrate Ms. Ferguson with Charmion Kinder by watching the video above. Go to to celebrate other public servants who make your life easier though their dedication to their work.