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About Colombia


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Prior to its suspension in the early 1980s due to increasing insecurity, the Peace Corps/Colombia program was one of the original programs established by the Peace Corps, with the first group of volunteers arriving in-country in September 1961. By the time the program was suspended, close to 4,650 Peace Corps Volunteers had served in Colombia. Despite the suspension, former Volunteers maintained strong connections to Colombia, particularly through an active Friends of Colombia group that organized projects and service trips back to the country.

After a hiatus of 29 years, the Peace Corps returned to Colombia in September 2010. Since then, Peace Corps Colombia has been active in supporting over 120 communities in its two operational hubs: along the Caribbean Coast and in the Andean Region. More than 420 traditional and Response Volunteers have dedicated themselves to promoting various initiatives such as English education, youth leadership and well-being, community economic development, disaster preparedness, and other important topics.

The work of the Peace Corps in Colombia underscores the enduring commitment to promoting peace, friendship, and sustainable development between both countries, as well as the continued dedication of Volunteers to making meaningful contributions to the communities they serve.

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