Projects in Colombia

Community Economic Development

The Community Economic Development (CED) program supports local and national Colombian organizations, aimed at rural economic development. Volunteers strengthen local, family and individual economies by working to:

1) fortify the capacities of business owners/cooperatives to increase assets, diversify products and spread sales to guarantee growth and linkages to value chains;

2) improve the financial decision-making capacity and money management skills of individuals, households, and businesses; and

3) strengthen the entrepreneurial behaviors and business skills of youth.


The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program supports the mission of the Colombian government to strengthen the teaching of English in public primary and secondary schools through a pedagogic emphasis in the co-planning and co-teaching with local teachers.

TEFL Volunteers promote participatory teaching methodologies centered on students. They also support the creation of bilingual communities of practice in schools using strategies based on innovative communication and technology.

The design of study plans and curriculum with faculty is driven by local/departmental needs and intended to strengthen English as a means to enrich student’s lives. Volunteers do not replace teachers in the classroom but rather strengthen their capacity through the promotion of didactic techniques for the teaching of English as a foreign language.