Projects in Armenia


Volunteers in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) project have been teaching English at village and town secondary schools, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning since 1992. All TEFL Volunteers co-teach classes with Armenian counterpart teachers. The TEFL project has three goals: (1) improve teacher effectiveness in the classroom through consciously forming communities of practice with their TEFL counterparts, (2) improve student academic performance and success in life, and (3) increase community members’ engagement in English language learning.

TEFL Volunteers in Armenia have the opportunity to participate in the Peace Corps TEFL Certificate, an externally-validated credential based on 120 hours of training and two years of supervised teaching experience.

Youth in Development

Volunteers work with local nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, and youth centers to empower community organizations and youth to build and sustain a strong civil society. Peace Corps Volunteers work in communities throughout the country to accomplish two goals:

(1) Broaden professional and educational opportunities for local youth, contributing to inclusive and productive communities.

(2) Community organizations will improve their ability to efficiently and effectively achieve their missions.

In addition to their primary assignments, Volunteers carry out small-scale projects in youth development, such as camps, summer community development activities, health and environmental workshops, develop grant proposals for community development projects and organize other youth development activities.

Some of the most popular initiatives, camps and activities organized by Peace Corps Volunteers include:

Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS)

Founded in 2015 by two Peace Corps Volunteers, Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS) is currently the only sport-for-development NGO in Armenia, and the only NGO working to bridge the gender gap in sports. Through soccer leagues, after-school clubs, and summer camps, GOALS aims to challenge and break down existing barriers to girls’ participation in soccer while also creating safe spaces for youth to discuss social issues affecting their lives. Since its founding, GOALS has expanded, reaching over 2,000 youth and 450 educators across the country, with support from over 25 partner organizations around the globe. Now run by Armenian nationals, GOALS continues to utilize its ties with the network of Peace Corps Volunteers across Armenia for help with camps and events, participant recruitment, and new community outreach.

Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)

The Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Armenia Initiative promotes leadership, confidence, civic engagement, and independence in young Armenian women through summer camps and year-round clubs, using curriculum developed with Armenian counterparts. GLOW believes in the latent potential of Armenian girls of all backgrounds and abilities, and offers them a path to grow into local, regional, and national leaders. 

Teaching Our Boys Excellence (TOBE)

Teaching Our Boys Excellence (TOBE) is a youth initiative project catered towards the young men of Armenia. In a joint effort by Youth for Future NGO and Peace Corps Volunteers, dozens of boys from all over Armenia are given free leadership training and healthy living education over the course of a weeklong summer camp. Communities in every province are positively impacted by the development projects the campers design and implement after their training.

Growing and Renewing Our World (GROW)  

GROW Armenia (Growing and Renewing Our World) started in 2016 as a series of traveling day camps held in various areas around Armenia throughout the summer. 

The goal of the camp is to educate Armenian youth about the importance of the environment and how to care for it. In addition to camps, GROW provides resources to Volunteers and Armenians to help facilitate environmental education.

Border to Border (B2B)

Border to Border (B2B) is an initiative that pairs Peace Corps Volunteers with Armenian citizens to teach lessons on healthy lifestyles to youth all over Armenia. Every summer, three teams (approx. 10 people each) start walking from the Northeastern, Northwestern, and Southern borders of Armenia, stopping in villages and towns along the way to teach lessons on dental hygiene, physical health, gender equality, leadership, and conflict resolution. Every year B2B teams walk for about 20 days, travel 850km, reach 50-60 communities, and teach over 1,000 children, while also affording Armenians the opportunity to teach outside of the capital and gain a greater appreciation of their country.

Armenia’s National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC) 

The National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC) is an English language poetry recitation competition that gives Armenian students the opportunity to learn the beauty, intricacies, and power of the English language as they analyze and study English poems and recite them in competition with their peers. The judges of the contest focus on the students' voice and articulation, dramatic and overall effect and accuracy. The contest also gives rural and urban students a chance to present in front of a large audience, helping them build confidence. The top students from the regional contests move on to a national contest in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

Write on!

Write on! is an international English creative writing competition hosted across Armenia annually in February and March. Competitors from 6th form to professional level are given 1 hour to respond to a prompt with a creative story. Winners are published online and receive certificates. Write On! aims to encourage creative thinking and provide a platform for the world to see the talent of Armenian writers.