Projects in Armenia


Volunteers in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) project have been teaching English at village and town secondary schools, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning since 1992. All TEFL Volunteers co-teach classes with Armenian counterpart teachers. The TEFL project has three goals: (1) improve teacher effectiveness in the classroom through consciously forming communities of practice with their TEFL counterparts, (2) improve student academic performance and success in life, and (3) increase community members’ engagement in English language learning.

TEFL Volunteers in Armenia have the opportunity to participate in the Peace Corps TEFL Certificate, an externally-validated credential based on 120 hours of training and two years of supervised teaching experience.

Youth in Development

Volunteers work with local nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, and youth centers to empower community organizations and youth to build and sustain a strong civil society. Peace Corps Volunteers work in communities throughout the country to accomplish two goals:

(1) Broaden professional and educational opportunities for local youth, contributing to inclusive and productive communities.

(2) Community organizations will improve their ability to efficiently and effectively achieve their missions.