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Packing Guidance for Armenia

This guidance is designed to describe appropriate clothing, the cultural context where you will be living and working, and the professional expectations of your workplace.

As you decide what to bring, keep in mind there is a 100-pound weight limit on checked baggage.

In general, most items you will need are available in country and locally acquired items are often the best at helping you integrate into your community. However, locally available items may not be the brands, quality, prices, or sizes you are used to. Bringing some key items from home might make your transition to service more comfortable.

This guidance has been compiled by Peace Corps staff and Volunteers and is based on their experience. Use this information as an informal guide as you make your own packing list, bearing in mind that each experience is individual. There is no perfect packing list!

This packing guidance is designed to help you think through different categories of items and consider what you might want to bring, considering work expectations, cultural considerations, and your own personal preferences.

Armenia has an array of landscapes including seven geographic zones, from deserts and semi-deserts to alpine and sub-alpine meadows. The largely volcanic mountains and the tectonic activity has pushed Armenia up above the clouds, stimulating the true range of the four seasons - hot and sunny summers, cold and icy winters, and temperate spring and fall. Please pack for all four seasons.

Peace Corps Armenia provides the following items:

  • Water filter
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector
  • Medical kit
  • Electric oil radiator
  • Electric heater
  • Electric cooking stove (upon request)

Peace Corps Volunteers are not allowed to take:

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Radio transmitters (shortwave radios are permitted)
  • Drones
  • Automobiles or motorcycles
  • Flammable materials or liquids such as lighter fluid, cleaning solvents, hair spray, or aerosol containers
  • Valuables such as precious jewelry or family heirlooms


Do not bring any drug that has not been authorized by the Peace Corps for medical purposes without prior consultation with Office of Health Services Pre-Service. This includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Illicit drugs, including marijuana and related products such as CBD and herbal substances such as kratom, are prohibited during Peace Corps service, even if they are legal in your home of residence. If you use, possess, or distribute illicit drugs, you will be administratively separated from service.

Below is guidance on clothing expectations and cultural norms for work as well as leisure and recreation.

Although you can buy clothing in Armenia, particularly in major cities, it may be more expensive and not meet your taste. Consider bringing sturdy, wrinkle-free clothes that will last a long time. You can have some clothes made locally, so it is a good idea to bring patterns or pictures of clothes you like. Oversized clothing can be difficult to find in Armenia.

Washing machines are generally available in every household. Dryers, however, are not common and laundry is hung outside, or inside, on a rack.

Work, leisure, and recreational clothing/footwear

Pre-service training (PST)

Men: Nice slacks, nice jeans (no holes, not baggy), collared shirts or polos, sweaters/pullovers/cardigans, closed-toe shoes, belts, neat and identical socks.

Women: Dresses, skirts (knee length), slacks, dress pants, nice jeans (no holes, not baggy), sweaters/pullovers/cardigans, shirts/blouses, closed-toe dress shoes and flats, nice sandals, sleeveless tops (bra is a must).

Workdays at site

Men: For education Volunteers, same as PST.

For youth in development Volunteers, organizations you will be assigned to may dress more casually, including t-shirts or polos, casual jeans, sneakers or tennis shoes, especially when there are outdoor activities involved, such as working with youth in a club or camp setting.

Women: For education Volunteers, same as PST.

For youth in development Volunteers, organizations you will be assigned to may dress more casually, including t-shirts or polos, casual jeans, sneakers or tennis shoes, especially when there are outdoor activities involved, such as working with youth in a club or camp setting.

Official events

Men: Suit and tie (suggested for swearing-in ceremony and Armenian weddings); alternatively jacket/blazer, tie and nice slacks. Collared shirts, pullover sweaters, belts, identical socks, closed-toe shoes. No tennis shoes.

Women: Dresses (knee or calf length), alternatively suits, skirts or dress pants combined with blouses, dress sandals or dress shoes. No tennis shoes.

Home/leisure/sports clothes

T-shirts or polos, casual jeans, hoodies, light-weight jackets, windbreakers, sneakers or tennis shoes, and hats. Hiking boots are recommended. Pajamas, bathrobe and slippers (everyone in your host family will be wearing slippers, it is uncommon in Armenia to walk around the house bare foot). You may choose to bring flip flops for summer and shared bathrooms.

Tank tops, sweatpants, yoga pants and leggings for sports purposes only. Please avoid bra tops, short shorts, string bikinis, and camouflage clothes.


Many schools and non-profit organizations have little or no heating in winter. Staff often wear coats throughout the workday. Below are some suggested clothing items from former Peace Corps Armenia Volunteers:

  • Warm coat, wool hat, scarf, warm gloves and glove liners
  • Thermal underwear, wool and silk, in different weights
  • Smart wool socks, warm winter tights for women
  • Winter boots
  • Sweaters and vests

You should bring a three-month supply of any prescription and/or over the counter medications you use that are authorized/approved by the Peace Corps.

Note: Prior to service, Peace Corps supplies all volunteers with a medical kit containing basic, over-the-counter medications, as well as multivitamins.

See a detailed list of items included in the medical kit.

The medical unit will replenish prescriptions after the initial three-month training.

If you wear eyeglasses, bring two pairs (of the current prescription) with you. Contact lens use will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

See additional guidance from the Office of Medical Services.

Voltage in Armenia is 220V (electrical outlets and plug type C). Consider bringing:

  • Travel adaptors for 2-prong European outlet type C
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Unlocked mobile phone for local SIM card
  • Extra charging cable or battery pack

Based on your interests and personal preferences there may be additional items you will want to consider bringing with you. Below is a description of the common activities Volunteers engage in and what different Volunteers have said they enjoy having that might be more difficult to find in-country. Note: these items are not required or even recommended, but they might be nice to have.

  • Small gifts for host family and friends such as souvenirs from your state. Also some inexpensive gifts you may want to give out to new acquaintances such as knickknacks for the house, key chains, magnets, pictures, books, or calendars of American scenes, hard candies that will not melt or spoil.
  • ATM card to access a bank account in the U.S., ideally one which covers foreign ATM fees
  • Sunglasses and umbrella
  • Cooking spices
  • Favorite over-the-counter toiletries
  • Multi-purpose tool/knife
  • Flashlight (headlamp is particularly useful)
  • Sewing kit and tape measure (with inches and centimeters)
  • U.S. postage stamps (so travelers going home can hand-carry mail for you)
  • U.S. and world maps, which make good teaching aids
  • Games (e.g., Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit)
  • Sports equipment (e.g., frisbee, baseball, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag rated for minus 10–20 degrees F. and a pad
  • Journal