The United States Peace Corps Togo is seeking an individual for the position of Pre-Service Training Secretary

OPEN TO: All interested eligible and qualified candidates
Pre-Service Training Secretary
March 4, 2021
March 25, 2021
Temporary (May to September)


Temporary assignments (Contract periods range from a few days throughout the year to several months during the May - September period.)


Under the supervision of the Training Manager, and in coordination with the Language Coordinator (LC), Language Coordinator Assistants (LCAs) and other members of the Programming & Training staff, on an annual basis the PST Secretary performs administrative and logistical tasks related to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a Pre-Service Training (PST) designed to ensure that Invitees, Trainees, and Volunteers are well-equipped to successfully live and work in their communities. The incumbent must be able to function well both as a team member and independently.


The Contractor is responsible for all administrative and clerical work related to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of PST as well as the execution of logistical tasks required for successful implementation of training events and activities during PST. The incumbent will:

Training Administration 80%

  • Draft communications (letters, reports, memorandums, e-mails, WhatsApp messages) related to PST for dissemination to sector stakeholders, Invitees, Trainees, Volunteers, Peace Corps and US Embassy staff, and host community members. Serve as the primary ‘on-site’ communications coordinator between the Peace Corps/Togo office in Lomé and the PST training sites (Pagala Training Centre and surrounding training communities) by placing/sending and receiving telephone calls, texts, e-mails, etc. and ensuring timely response from field-based individuals. Compile LCA reports on a weekly basis and send consolidated report to TM.
  • Establish, maintain, and safeguard filing systems – electronic and (when necessary) hardcopy. Document Trainee progress by ensuring that LPI files (electronic and hard copy) are maintained according to PC/Headquarters requirements and post-specific policies. Translate, prepare, and track electronic versions of all ‘Readiness to Serve”-related PST assessments. Transfer any PST documents not created on Peace Corps/Togo systems through Global Protect to the Peace Corps/Togo share drive for future use.
  • Execute training logistics (including name badge creation/replacement and office supply inventory/distribution) related to implementation and facilitation of the General Training of Trainers (GTOT), the Language Training of Trainers (LTOT), and PST.
  • Serve as primary IT liaison at the Training Center/field PST sites. Work in coordination with the ITS at the Peace Corps office in Lomé to ensure all IT and AV equipment is maintained properly and working. Provide regular updates to ITS on status of field internet functionality. Inventory equipment and maintain usage tracking system so that all equipment is accounted for on a daily basis. Serve as primary point of contact for Trainees with respect to Peace Corps-issued phone problems. In consultation with ITS, provide guidance on other IT/connectivity issues to Trainees.
  • Create new, or upload existing, content and activities to Peace Corps/Togo’s Learning Space in order to enhance training experience of Invitees and Trainees. Coordinate with Programming & Training Assistant and PCVLs to prepare resource flashdrive/usb keys for distribution to Trainees prior to Swearing-in.
  • Coordinate documentation for financial transactions - draft payment vouchers for approximately 15 trainers; research market prices related to procurement of goods and services (including rental vehicles); facilitate reimbursements and payments.
  • Under the direction of the TM, responsible for organizing Trainee transportation between PST communities and the Pagala Training Center on a weekly basis. Also coordinates Trainee and counterpart travel for Site Visit, Swearing-in Ceremony, and travel to permanent site assignment.
  • Serve as PST Training Center primary host/concierge. Welcome Trainees/ host families and or community contacts at the Training Center, listen to their inquiries, provide solutions and guidance.

Trainee/Volunteer Support and Management 10%

  • Coaching - Provide motivation and encouragement to Trainees and Volunteers. Serve as an additional language and cultural resource person (i.e., according to the ability of each Trainee, speak with Trainees in French or local language to assist their language acquisition process.)
  • Performance management - Inquire about personal and work related problems or limitations, and provide advice and consultation as necessary. Ensure Trainee and Volunteer adherence to Peace Corps policies and standards of conduct. Document cases of inappropriate behavior and brief the TM in a timely fashion.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the lifecycle of a Peace Corps Volunteer as well as the content and structure of the PST training program (homestay program goals, training expectations, American values, emergency contact information, safety and security) in order to assist Trainees and host families in need.
  • Participate in GTOT and LTOT sessions in order to better understand and support Trainee and Volunteer needs.
  • Trauma-informed support – Understand the physical, social, and emotional impact of trauma on Trainees/Volunteers and provides victim-centered support.

Other 10%

  • Carries the Peace Corps Training phone to respond to calls from Peace Corps office in Lomé, from training staff posted to PST communities, community contacts, host families, Trainees, and Volunteer Trainers.
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor.



  • Completion of secondary school is required.
  • Post-secondary education in secretarial, business management, administration, or related field is required.

Prior Work Experience

  • At least three years of progressively responsible experience in secretarial field is required. Experience in multicultural setting is preferred.
  • Experience (preferably three years or more) working or supporting colleagues in a teaching/training environment.

Language Proficiency

  • Level 3 written and spoken French.
  • Level 3 written and spoken English.
  • Proficiency in one or more of Togo’s local languages is desired.

Skills and Abilities

  • Secretarial skills.
  • Ability to work independently and simultaneously with multiple staff members as well as Trainees and Volunteers of different backgrounds.
  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities.
  • Ability to understand, interpret, and communicate complex transactions, policies, procedures, issues and inquiries in both English and French.
  • Ability to live and work in a rural area with limited infrastructure and comfort required.
  • Experience with an American organization and/or culture desirable. Must also have a good knowledge of, or interest in, American culture and issues of cross-cultural differences.
  • In depth knowledge of rural Togo is a plus.
  • Counseling and networking skills are highly desirable.
  • Good conflict resolution skills in a cross-cultural setting are desirable.
  • Enthusiasm and aptitude to learn new IT platforms (Learning Space) for creating virtual language training modules.
  • Good computer skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) is required.

Physical Condition

The duties and responsibilities of the PST Secretary are executed from the Peace Corps Training Center in Pagala for the duration of the PST part of the contract except for cases of bona fide emergency, or predetermine periods indicated in the Training Calendar. Any other absence from the PST site must have prior written authorization from the Training Manager. The Contractor shall be paid for his/her effective days of work.

Subsequent to PST, work is also completed occasionally in the Peace Corps office in Lomé and or in the PST communities. Travel to Lomé may require approximately 5% of the contract time.

Core Leadership Responsibilities

The Contractor is expected to carry our all tasks in accordance with “Core Leadership” responsibilities (see attached).

Safety and Security

  • Participate in cyber security training and all required Peace Corps trainings (online or in-person) and be prepared to work with and support Trainees and Volunteers. Remains aware of Peace Corps/Togo Emergency Procedures and Emergency Action Plan. Intervene promptly in case of request of assistance from a Trainee or a Volunteer regarding Safety and Security issues.
  • Participates in the General Training of Trainers with respect to Trainee/Volunteer safety and security. Maintains communication with TM and gives periodic feedback, including information about Trainee safety and security at PST Training Center or PST communities. Provides safety and security support to Trainees if need be.
  • Is knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

Supervisory Responsibilities

No supervisory responsibility is required.

Occasional Money Holder

The PSC may be requested by the Training Manager to courier a limited amount of cash to host families and/or purchase orders from various vendors for supplies for PST language or technical activities in the PST community, as directed by the Contracting Officer.


Supervision Received

Position is supervised by the Training Manager. The incumbent must be able to function well independently.


All the applications including a cover letter and curriculum vitae in English with three references, copies of most recent diplomas, work certificates and a valid police record (Casier Judiciaire datant de moins de trois mois) must be sent to the following address by March 25, 2021: [email protected]