Togo flag


The Peace Corps began its work in Togo in 1962 at the invitation of the Togolese government. Since that time, over 3,000 Volunteers have served in this beautiful country. Although training models have changed since 1962, the basic challenges and rewards of serving as a Volunteer have not. Peace Corps Volunteers in Togo work to achieve the three goals of Peace Corps by providing technical assistance in education, health, and agriculture, sharing the cultures of the United States with Togolese and, in turn, learning about Togolese cultures and sharing it back to family and friends in the United States. Volunteers live and work in the communities they serve, often in rural and remote areas of the country.

The Peace Corps in Togo has a rich history of collaboration with the Togolese people at all levels. Volunteers’ efforts build upon counterpart relationships emphasizing low-cost solutions that make maximum use of local resources Partnership with local and international organizations further enhances Volunteer service.

Serving in Togo comes with many challenges but also countless rewards. Peace Corps Togo Volunteers often join the Peace Corps to help and teach others, and they do; most leave their service however realizing that they gained far more than they gave.